Toyota Dream Car USA Art Contest Winners Revealed

May 19th, 2020 by


Nine artists were recently selected as winners of the 2020 Toyota Dream Car USA Art contest. This competition asked young artists to imagine a better world and the cars of the future, putting their talents to the test. With a whopping 1,700 submissions and 41 finalists, this was one of the most popular years for the competition.

Winning Designs

The artists were divided up into three different categories based on their age. Winners include Khloe Wang, whose “Bubble Water Car” shows an underwater landscape and as an octopus-like car navigates the sea floor. Grace Sun, the winner of the second group, had a similar approach, drawing “The Jellyfish Car” that’s navigating both the ocean and what looks like outer space. The winner of the oldest age group, Celine Lee Min, painted “Flourish and Rebloom,” showing a massive car that looks like a cruise liner navigating down a downtown area, leaving the areas it passes green and revitalized.

“The brilliance of all the youth who submitted this year is astounding. Their art integrated several of Toyota’s strategic focus areas including mobility, environmentalism, and diversity, with an unrestrained, youthful lens,” said Mike Goss, General Manager of Social Innovation for Toyota Motor North America & President of the Toyota USA Foundation.

Contest Criteria

This year, the list of winners came from California, Michigan, New Jersey, and Washington. The finalists were chosen by Toyota team members and dealer employees, and all of the pieces were judged on artistry, uniqueness, and the execution of concept.

Take a moment to appreciate the beautiful art created by this talented up-and-comers. It’ll brighten your day and lift your sprits. If you need service or a new vehicle, the team at Wondries Toyota in Alhambra, CA, will work with you to lift you up as needed.

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