Local Outdoor Attractions in San Gabriel Valley

April 29th, 2019 by

Alhambra is nestled in San Gabriel Valley, one of the main valleys of the Los Angeles area. Though the climate around here is mild year-round, it’s still nice to enjoy springtime by getting out of the house and checking out some of the local outdoor attractions the San Gabriel Valley has to offer.

San Gabriel Mission

This historic Spanish mission was established in 1771 before Los Angeles was even founded. Today, visitors can tour the historic landmark and its grounds.

Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden

When most people think of spring, they think of flowers blooming! Head to the Arboretum to experience plenty of outdoor gardens and landscapes, as well as other landmarks like Baldwin Lake, a historic train station, and the Queen Anne Cottage.

San Gabriel Square

Experience LA’s incredible Asian influence by heading to San Gabriel Square, a 12-acre Asian Mega-Mall in the heart of San Gabriel Valley. You’ll feel like you’ve flown to another continent spending the day shopping in the streets of San Gabriel Square.

Local Cuisine

Because of the warm climate, many restaurants in San Gabriel Valley offer outdoor seating. Why not check out any of the local restaurants? Famous for Asian cuisine, restaurants like Lunasia, Hai Di Lao Hot Pot, Side Chick, and Bistro Na’s offer a variety of tasty Asian cuisine for visitors to enjoy.

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